Poaching Issues

Building the best sales team is one of the key objectives of every sales agency. 

They are the division that is responsible for selling products or services, ensuring that the company can stay in business and enjoy sustainable growth in their revenue. 

Many companies invest multiple hours into grooming and mentoring these sales professionals, equipping them with soft skills (e.g. relationship building, communication) and hard skills (e.g. knowledge of products and services, sales pitch). Not only do these professionals have to master the art of closing, they also have to build long-term relationships with their clients to ensure repeated sales.

As these professionals rise through the ranks, their excellent track records may attract the interest of other sales agencies. Headhunting is a common phenomenon. 

How can you minimise or solve poaching issues? How can you protect the interest of your company if a talented sales professional chooses to work for another agency?

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