Smooth Career Transition

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Social media has a huge influence in our lives - we are able to keep up with how our friends are doing in life.

How many of us have seen our friends leaving their careers and embark on the journey of entrepreneurship? 

While being your own boss may seem glamorous, there is much hard work and strategising behind the scenes. Becoming a self-employed individual can mean never-ending workload and tremendous amounts of physical, mental and financial stress. 

After all, you are the boss that you report to. You hold yourself accountable for the results that you have.

Are you ready for this steep learning curve?

If you are looking to do a career switch to being your own boss, look for Wise Hour so that you can be adequately equipped with the right resources.

Creating System

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All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.

For busy entrepreneurs like you, work is endless and you hardly have time to breathe, let alone enjoying it with your loved ones. How is it even possible for you to take a vacation to rest and relax?

The constant pinch of a lack of time and stress from your work increases your risk of suffering from a burnout quickly.

You may have a great career; you may be earning big bucks, but you are not happy. After all, where is the work-life balance that you have always desired to have?

This is when you need to create a system. Let your business run smoothly with less supervision, so that you can spend your time and energy on the things that matter. 

Unsure on how you can create a reliable business system that is seamless and effective in achieving your goals? 

Drop a note to Wise Hour and let Wise Hour advise you on how you can create a duplicable system for your business.

It's Lonely at the Top

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Ever heard before - it is lonely at the top?

None of us are alone in our loneliness.

The view and perspective is different from the top. There are fewer people who can understand your unique burden. While you are the professional problem solver in all aspects of your life, you are a human too - you have your own feelings, your own fears and your own insecurities.

You may be struggling to find a listening ear that understands. You feel that you have to put up a brave and strong front so that others can rely on you. Do not attempt to fix your loneliness by getting around people who will help you forget your problems. Instead, look for a safe channel to discuss your thoughts without being judged.

Wise Hour is the management consulting firm that understands. We are here to listen. Speak to us.

Cost Management

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Direct cost

Indirect cost

Fixed cost

Variable cost

Operating cost

Sunk cost

So many different types of costs, so little knowledge. Small costs can accumulate to skyrocket amounts. How can you manage costs effectively and still see a profit in your business?

Productivity is commonly defined as a ratio between the output volume and input volume. In other words, it measures how effectively production inputs, such as labour and capital, are used to produce a given level of output.

How can you ensure effective cost management for your business, while increasing your productivity? Contact Wise Hour for a discussion.