1. What is Wise Hour?

Wise Hour is a management and strategy consulting firm that provides recommendations to help SMEs, financial advisory agencies, real estate agencies, direct sales companies to innovate strategies effectively.

Our purpose is to help you move closer to your purpose. We want to help you turn all situations favourable using proper means.


2. What can Wise Hour help me with?

Wise Hour provides the following services:

Strategy Management Consulting

  • Management Consulting e.g. company performance optimisation
  • Strategy Consulting e.g. high-level, strategic business decisions
  • Operations Consulting e.g. supply chain management, business expansion
  • Financial Strategy Consulting e.g. revenue management, cost management, cashflow management
  • Human Resources Consulting e.g. training & development, conflict resolution, organisation culture, succession planning, staff motivation
  • Sales Consulting e.g. team management, leads generation
  • Marketing Consulting e.g. corporate branding, social media marketing, customer acquisition

Personal Consulting

  • Financial Consulting
  • Career Consulting
  • Health Consulting

Creative Management


3. Who can benefit from Wise Hour’s advice?

Management team of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), financial advisory agencies, real estate agencies and direct sales companies will be able to benefit from Wise Hour’s advice.


4. Do I have to follow your recommendations?

Based on your needs and the information you provide us, we provide these practical advice to help you turn these situations favourable. The ultimate decision lies in you.


5. Why should I choose Wise Hour?

Wise Hour is a humble and down-to-earth consulting firm that provides practical recommendations based on the gaps identified. Save your time and effort – Let us diagnose the issues for you.

Our Chief Owl has more than a decade of experience dealing with sales and marketing and entrepreneurship. He is also serving as a youth leader in an international organization advocating positive change in the community. He is passionate to share his personal mastery and organisational skills to help businesses and individuals innovate strategies effectively.


6. Do your services come with a fee?

Yes, they do. When you pay for the consulting services, you also pay for:

  • Our knowledge
  • Our experience
  • Our professionalism
  • Our commitment
  • Our integrity
  • Our time to plan and prepare

These recommendations are tailored to your needs. 


7. How do we engage Wise Hour?

Get in touch with us via here.


8. Are the scenarios true stories?

These scenarios are a collection of stories from our observation. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is pure coincidental.