The Wisehour Characters


The professional problem solver – always the first go-to person when everyone has a problem. Always making sure everyone’s welfare is well taken care of. Often being mistaken that he is making a lot of money (people are watching every of his purchase).


Also known as the small boss. He is the right hand man of boss who possess the valuable skill sets to manage the company when boss is not around. With great power comes great responsibility – he shares the workload and stress with Boss so that Boss is able to breathe.


One of the most hard worker in the company. He delegates tasks, but have to step in to cover when there is inadequacy. He is also the voice of the employees to raise issues to the upper management.


Every employee has a different character and working style. This makes management fun yet challenging as well, as they bring a variety of skillset (and problems) to the table.


A is for Ace. He tops in everything – his performance, his skills, and the problems he creates. He is also known as the best (solo) performer, but the worst team player.


B is for Borderline. His performance does not exceed your expectation, and he does not create problem to the team. Sometimes, his presence is no different from his absence at work, even though he has an amicable relationship with all his co-workers.


C is for Competent. The asset that every organisation yearns for – he possess great IQ, EQ and AQ. Working with him gives you a sense of security as you know you can rely on him to get things done. However, he is often tempted by other opportunities.


D is for Differing. The most consistent thing about him is that he is always having differing work performance, differing attitudes and also differing opinions.