About Chief Owl

“If you believe it, you will see it.”

Our Chief Owl believes that your past does not equate to your future, if you do not allow your circumstances to define you.

The hardworking serial entrepreneur founded multiple business in various sectors, such as automobile, wellness and technology.  One of his ventures was acquired by a US listed company in 2018.

His entrepreneurial journey begun when he was exposed to sales and marketing at the age of 21 years old. With strong duplicable systems and dynamic organization culture, he built a salesforce of more than 200 active and positive affiliates and had trained thousands of associates. He also conducted countless trainings, which include Self Actualization Program, Team Building Course, Sales Management Course etc.

Still below the age of 40, our Chief Owl is serving as a youth leader in an international organization advocating positive change in the community. He plays pivotal roles in various non-profit organisations and interest groups. Till date, he has initiated and chaired various projects to benefit 90,000 beneficiaries in Singapore. One of the interest groups he founded grew into a vibrant club with more than 100 active members within a year.

Despite having more than a decade of experience, our Chief Owl completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in 2020, in hopes of being better equipped to help businesses and individuals turn all situations favourable through his practical recommendations.

Grab a cup of coffee with him here to have a sneak peek on his personal mastery and organisational skills.