Why do sales professionals (financial advisors, real estate agents etc) leave their firms for another?

There could be multiple push factors behind the move. Most of the time, it is linked to their happiness level in the current company.

Their values are not aligned with the company. The company’s values will determine the company’s culture. The sales professional will struggle to thrive in the environment when he/she feels that they are on a different page. He/she may want to look for a compatible culture and somewhere that is able to meet his/her expectations.

They do not agree with the company’s procedures and structures. The procedures and structures have a direct impact on the work processes and income of the sales professionals. When he/she feels that the company is not keeping up with changes to their mutual benefit, they will leave.

They want a higher payout. As the sales professionals rise through their ranks and increase their network and experience, they feel that they deserve more commission to match to the amount of value they bring. When they feel that they are not receiving the amount of payout that they should, they will leave for greener pastures.

They feel unsupported. Some companies invest in these sales professionals, providing them with formal trainings, mentorship and guidance. When they feel that there is an underwhelming support, they may look for a different firm that can better meet their requirements.

Poaching can happen between sales teams in the same company, or between different companies.

Multiple hours go into training and mentoring these sales professionals, equipping them with the soft skills and hard skills.