As someone looking for a job, do you invest in pursuing a higher education so that you can land yourself a job with excellent job prospects?

As an employer, how much weight do you put in hiring someone with higher qualifications? Do higher qualifications give you a good indication on their competence?

It is inevitable that many employers attach a greater value to those with higher qualifications. However, the market demands call for a paradigm shift. Studies have shown that higher education is not a complete measure of your employee’s intellectual competence and job potential, and employers should adopt an open-minded approach when it comes to recruitment.

Emphasis may be placed on the employee’s soft skills, such as problem-solving, communication and adaptability, and in-demand technical skills. Being the right fit for your company’s culture and having a hungry mind for new knowledge may be key indicators of your employee’s potential.

How you engage and invest in these employees is important too.

Having higher expectations of employees with exceptional educational backgrounds may backfire for both the company and the employee as these qualifications do not guarantee sales or company’s growth.

How can you hire the right fit? Do you know how to engage talented employees to maximise your company’s growth? Speak to Wise hour for a discussion to find out more.