“A good education is a foundation for a better future.” – Elizabeth Warren

It is essential to instil the right fundamentals to your newly minted sales team. Fundamentals such as product knowledge, sales approach, ethics or soft skills, will stick to them as they grow in their role.

As these sales professionals are front line in customer service, they are representatives of your company. They are responsible to present the products and services as accurately as possible. Unorthodox means, such as inaccurate information and undercutting of prices, should not be condoned as it will hurt your company’s reputation in the long run.

Don’t be penny wise, pound foolish – Don’t hit the sales target using ways that will earn yourself a bad name. Trust and respect takes time to be built, compromising your reputation to make a quick buck will result in losing both trust and respect in an instant.

Do you have experience creating a duplicable system to groom these sales professionals? How can you maintain the standards of your sales team and ensure a sustainable growth? Reach out to Wise Hour for a discussion.