What is the great divide between the rich mindset and the poor mindset?

It is not about the amount of wealth you possess, but how you view the world and how you manage your resources. Rich people can have poor mindset and eventually lose their wealth, and poor people can have a rich mindset but are financially disadvantaged due to their circumstances.

People with a rich mindset do not rush into spending money – instead, they are frugal because they want to use their resources to gain more wealth. Every dollar is a “seed” that is planted to grow into a hundred and thousand more dollars. On the other hand, people with poor mindset view extra money as an opportunity for consumption.

Rich mindset zooms into creating systems so that these systems can autopilot and generate value on their own. Even if there is seemingly no reward right away, they are okay with it. Poor mindset works hard with time and effort – they believe that they should invest their resources on immediate gains and short-term returns.

With regards to facing problems, people with a rich mindset do not let their problems consume them. Being solution-oriented, they take a step back, strategize and deal with the issues in an objective manner. They also want to ensure that the problem does not occur again. However, people with poor mindset often magnify their problems and spend much time and energy harping on their issues. 

Your mindset determines your perception, which in turn determines your actions and your success. Which type of mindset do you have?

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