Training is vital for your staff development and retention. Do you agree?

As an employer, you are able to reap the following benefits:

  • Learning helps to empower your employees and foster positive employee engagement.
  • Upskilling enables your workforce to become more productive.
  • Your employees may be able to undertake a greater variety of work and respond to changes more efficiently.
  • It makes your company become more attractive to potential candidates who seek personal development and skills development.
  • Your employees will feel that your company is committed to their growth. This may increase their loyalty to your company.

While sending your staff for training requires funds and logistical coordination (e.g. ensuring that there is sufficient manpower when staff goes on training leave), it is essential for your company’s long term growth and staff retention. 

Life-long learning, both formal and informal learning, improves the employees’ competitiveness and exposure. A good human resource development strategy involves systematic training so that your employees, as well as your company, can meet both personal and corporate goals through up-skilling.

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