Lazy to Think/Lack of Self Belief

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” - Buddha

Question is, how much handholding is sufficient for the employee to grow in their role yet not be reliant on your guidance?

As managers, it is important to note that you are the facilitator of their growth. A teacher can ease the learning journey with his mentoring, but the student has to walk the path himself. You can create opportunities to promote a positive learning environment, but the staff has to be willing to learn and put on his thinking hat.

If you have encountered situations where employees seem “unteachable”, there could be underlying reasons that you may wish to examine. 

Insecure employees are “hard to evaluate, hard to coach, and hard to develop,” says Ethan Burris, an associate professor at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, Austin. They may be conscious about how they look in front of others, and this robs them of the chance for self-improvement.

For such employees, what kind of coaching can you provide to boost their self confidence? How can you bring them up to speed without spoon-feeding them? Most importantly, how are you able to deal with your own frustration and still provide effective mentoring? 

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Types of Employees

There is a Chinese proverb that goes “The same type of rice raises a hundred types of different people.”

You cannot expect every employee to be the same - Be it their personality, values, learning and working style. They may bring various sets of problems (and headaches) to you too.

Despite the difference, you can still maximise the team’s performance. How can you do so?

It is not about your resources, it is about your resourcefulness.

Learn to become a great leader who can inspire your staff to become the best version of themselves.

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Cold or warm - which one do you prefer?

Nope, we aren’t talking about your cup of coffee. We are talking about customer acquisition and the leads that you have.

Cold market refers to people who may not have known you, but you approach them and try to open a channel of communication. On the other hand, warm market refers to the people who know you, your business and your products. They can be your friends, relatives, referrals or existing customers.

Which is the most ideal method of sales prospecting? What will you do if you are managing these 2 groups of people?

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Working Towards a Common Goal

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“Entrepreneurs must be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time.” - Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Not only you have to deal with the demands of your customers, you have to ensure your company sees profits while making sure your employees are engaged and taken care of.

In this process of managing your business, there may be doubters, naysayers and negative remarks. Your good intention may even be misconceived. You may have to work harder than anyone else, but not everyone is able to appreciate your efforts.

How can you stay mentally tough to deal with these criticisms? How can you stay strong and keep it going? 

Most importantly, how can you ensure profitability for your company while taking care of your employees? Speak to Wise Hour to learn how you can manage your cost and employees effectively.

Smooth Career Transition

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Social media has a huge influence in our lives - we are able to keep up with how our friends are doing in life.

How many of us have seen our friends leaving their careers and embark on the journey of entrepreneurship? 

While being your own boss may seem glamorous, there is much hard work and strategising behind the scenes. Becoming a self-employed individual can mean never-ending workload and tremendous amounts of physical, mental and financial stress. 

After all, you are the boss that you report to. You hold yourself accountable for the results that you have.

Are you ready for this steep learning curve?

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